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What is programmatic video

Programmatic video is basically the application of software for purchasing of digital video advertising. The benefit which it offers when compared with traditional video ad buying is that it makes use of RTB (real time bidding) data to bring the ad video right in front of potential customer at right moment. Programmatic Advertising is actually the automation for buying and selling through desktop display, FBX, video, and even mobile ads.

Programmatic means how Display ads monetisation are booked, launched, analysed, and then optimized through interfaces of demand-side software (DSP) and algorithms. It can support websites which are having low traffic to earn revenue and increase traffic. It helps in better targeting of consumers and also for better monitoring of the advertising campaigns. It creates value performance and efficiency for the market of advertising. Aside to this also maintains transparency in the inventory purchased process assuring advertisers that brand equity is well preserved.

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