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Smartphones and RTB - latest trends in marketing

Programmatic advertising may have started with open exchanges as well as RTB (real time bidding), but it has now superior well beyond that. Nowadays, Smartphones ads methods of purchasing have emerged to meet the Display ads monetisation on smartphones requirements of brands. A much superior diversity of inventory is at present offered in Different sizes of ads display, mobile as well as video. And with wonderful growth rates of both mobile and video, Display ads monetization may soon serve the bulk of inventory demands across screens.

How can brands be there in the instant of chance on any screen as well as in any channel? RTB (real time bidding) helps brands engage audiences wherever they may be at any given time. The perfect fitting impression for a product promotion could be on a tablet, smartphone or desktop via Display ads monetisation, mobile web, in-app or video. With these various reaches across Smartphones ads Screens, channels with formats, programmatic can make a RTB (real time bidding) decision to show Different sizes of ads to one person while showing a display ad on a mobile smartphone device to another, based on what will drive the main impact.

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