AntiFraud Policy

Fraud traffic is considered as a violation of ADMATIQ regulations and includes bot and non-organic traffic. Those actions can cause an increase in advertiser's expenses or increase in publisher revenue in an artificial way. Clicks and conversion must result from genuine human traffic. Our automated system utilizes intelligent filters that differentiate between proper user's activity and any type of activity that could be categorized as invalid, such as bots or any automated traffic sources.

Types of banned Ads fraud activity:

  1. Impression (CPM) Ad Fraud
    1. Hidden ad impressions
    2. Fake sites
    3. Video ad fraud
    4. Paid traffic fraud
    5. Ad re-targeting fraud
  2. Search (CPC) Ad Fraud
    1. This type of Fraud is one of the most profitable, yet ADMATIQ is never going to use ways like this to make profit.
  3. Affiliate (CPA) Ad Fraud (AKA Cookie Stuffing)
    1. Often, the stuffed cookies will override any legitimate cookies and rob the legitimate referrer of earned income. For us is any type of cookie stuffing unthinkable.
  4. Lead (CPL) Ad Fraud (AKA Conversation Fraud)
    1. With this type of fraud, bots can fill out any form on the internet. It sounds very dangerous, and in reality it is even worse. ADMATIQ is never going to profit, or let profit anyone else, from this type of fraud.
  5. Ad Injection and AdWare Fraud
    1. Principle of this fraud is easy, yet illegal. Fraudster adveritises himself on website of his rivals and gaining impressions and profit prom them. ADMATIQ will never let his publishers to do such thing and will punish it hardly.
  6. Domain Spoofing or Laundered Ad Impression Fraud
    1. With a simple line of code, fraudsters can change the URL of sites, even sites on white lists and private ad exchanges, to make advertisers think fake or piracy or porn sites are really the sites of reputable publishers. ADMATIQ is strictly against this and will not tolerate it.
  7. CMS Fraud
    1. In this approach, bad fraudsters hack into a publisher’s content management system (CMS) and create their own pages using perfectly legitimate domains. Then they put those pages on ad exchanges with the premium publisher’s markup code, but the advertiser who purchases those positions gets pages with no premium content and pays the fraudster instead of the publisher. ADMATIQ does not support this way of making profit.
  8. Re-Targeting Fraud
    1. Fraudulent operators can program bots to imitate very specific, very desirable types of consumers, from sports fans and home-buyers to tech geeks and grandmothers. Those bots then browse relevant websites in a way that makes them look like a qualified sales prospect, including clicking on ads and filling out forms. ADMATIQ policy does not identify with this type of fraud.
  9. Traffic Fraud or Audience Extension Fraud
    1. Sometimes publishers need to drive more traffic to their sites, most often to fulfill a promised number of impressions for advertisers but also sometimes to boost the number of unique visitors.

Other Scams

Increasingly, fraudsters prefer wire transfers as the method of payment for numerous consumer fake-check scams. ADMATIQ is never going to send you a check and simultaneously ask you to send back a portion of that money via wire transfer or cash delivery service. Additionally, ADMATIQ is never going to enter you into a promotion such as a contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway without your express consent. If you win a promotional prize, ADMATIQ is never going to charge you a fee to send the prize to you.

Certain individuals may attempt to obtain information about your personal finances by suggesting, that you will experience an unfortunate event, or miss an opportunity such as a prize or an award, if you don’t supply them with your personal information immediately. Do not provide financial information to anyone who is calling or emailing you. Unless you initiated the contact, never provide personal information, including your Social Security Number, bank account details, credit card number or passwords over the phone, email, or internet.

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